Develop Your Team with Confidence

Learn how to create coaching conversations that open employees minds and awareness on how to improve their skills and professional excellence.

Develop Your Team with Coaching 

Developing another person helps you learn, grow, and stretch yourself. However not everyone is born with the capacity to develop others.
Learn developmental coaching strategies to develop others quickly and efficiently, 

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Sound Developmental Skills

4 hours of coaching support

Ideal for seasoned and new leaders

Build Confidence to Develop Others

Why should I take this course?

Get coached and trained on how to develop your team members and never worry about your team success again.
Contrary to popular belief, developing and coaching others is not a skill leaders are born with, nor does it magically appear on the appointment of the leadership title. If you want to develop the skill to develop and train your employees for professional success you must invest time to learn and develop yourself to do so.

This blended learning course offers the on-demand e-course with micro learning videos, exercises, and action steps to take. You will be given a link to book two coaching sessions with Joyce to further reinforce what you have learned in this course and discuss the best way to maintain your skills.

Joyce Odidison, MA MCC

Conflict Analyst and Master Certified Coach
About Joyce
Joyce is the Founder of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. for over 26 years. She provides a range of training, coaching, and development for organizations globally to help employees stay motivated, and focused to perform optimally. She especially help leaders become their best and excel through an intense relational leadership training program.