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Joyce Odidison
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No matter how fancy utilities, equipment, inventory or cutting-edge technology a company uses, ultimately humans are their most valuable asset. After all, they are the ones that produce value to their customers and make profit for the business. Keeping a company's employees content and happy has an instant effect on the company's innovative capacities and financial growth.

Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. help employees and leaders who are unhappy or frustrated by negative relationships and dynamics at work to improve their skills, knowledge, and relations to build a resilient and thriving relational well-being culture. The company offers leadership, and employee development coaching and training in interpersonal relationships, conflict management, collaboration, and workplace wellness.  

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Joyce has been a great support for our leaders using the Relational Leadership and nine-dimensional wellness  process. The leaders report that they learned a lot and are applying these strategies in their work.
Petra Rapmund – HR Manager, Standard Aero Ltd.
The Boot-camp session at Interpersonal Wellness Service (IWS) was led by Joyce and it gave me a lot of ideas that I have been implementing thus far. I am glad I attended.
Dominick Blais - CEO Sphere Media
The leadership coaching session that my management team attended was very valuable. It allowed us to explore some issues we had not discussed before and gave us some great insights on where we should go from here.
Glen Buhler - Oxygen
There are so many challenges to the modern workplace; no matter what the issue, Joyce gets you going and follows up with support and programs that produce results. The work I do in my coaching sessions with Joyce leads to so much more insight and action than I had initially anticipated. I love this process and how it makes me think outside the box.
Robert Cornelius - Project Manager
Thanks for creating the Global Workplace Wellness Summit and bringing it to our campus. I am so glad to be part of it. The speakers and program were excellent.
Enna Trevathane - Director of Nursing, SMC
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